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OMR Processing

Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition(OMR) is a technology of electronically extracting intended data from marked fields, such as check boxes and fill-in-fields, on printed forms. OMR technology scans and records where marks are made on the form. This technology is useful for application in which large number of hand filled forms need to be processed quickly and with great accuracy.

OMR technology is used extensively in examination processing for examination Application forms and recording the answers of multiple choice questions. We take special care in designing Application forms and answer sheets so that the forms work very well with the OMR engine. With use of this OMR technology we are able to achieve flawless results in short time span. OMR is fast, accurate, cost effective and easy to use.


Barcode is machine readable and probably oldest and one of the more reliable printed code technologies. Barcode technology is used in examination processing for variety of purposes including form identification, candidate detection or for security purposes.


Digitizing is the primary way of converting physically written data into soft data and storing it in a form suitable for transmission and computer processing. It can be done by scanning of two dimensional analog originals or by data entry. Digitization of the received Application Forms is the first task. Verification and purification of the data is carried out by our skilled team members and is made usable for further computerized processing.