Chanakya Software Solutions is a fast growing software solutions and services company at Pune
Software Development Life Cycle

Chanakya Software Services use our own software development life cycle process for requirement assessment, design, development and deployment.

Our process has evolved over time based on experience and market reality. Our process is close to ‘extreme programming’ and ‘agile software development’. The key is to reach the requirements of the software to complete and accurate level as early as possible through rapid software development and customer involvement and interaction.

We have effectively used our process to drive our entire development projects to completion, implementation and deployment is relatively short time.

• Some of our case studies are listed below :

• Software for Assessment services (Certification and Recruitment):- Chanakya Software Services assess the requirement of client for developing the software
• ERP for Printing Industry: We have built ERP for large government printing and publishing house with enter stack of its operations from Vendor Management, Procurement, Manufacturing, distribution, accounts, payments, payroll, syllabus management etc.
• Software Financial and Non Banking financial:
   • System for entire banking for Credit Union,Debenture trustee ship management software

While building these solutions we have worked more as solutions provider than SDLC consultants. In other words we have taken responsibility for success of the eventual implementation.