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Business Process Outsourcing

In the Business Process Outsourcing, Chanakyasoft takes complete responsibility of final outcome of the process. We apply our skills and build software tools and processes that simplify as well as monitor and track the progress of the process.

Case Study::

BPO: Data Scrutiny and Archiving of Agricultural Meteorological Data
Client: India Meteorological Department

Work Involved::

Digitization of Data: We understood the Agricultural meteorological data collected from all the stations across India and digitized the data.
Automated data scrutiny using software tools: Built software tools to qualify the data based on rules.
Manual data scrutiny: Also added additional process of manual scrutiny.
Data Certification and Rejection: Based on rules data was certified and some data was rejected.
Data Archiving: All certified data was archived which is used by India Meteorological department for purpose of research.